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Financial support

ACCENT provides AT2 with funds to help support coordination activities which contribute to the aims of AT2. These include hosting meetings and workshops, exchanges of personnel between laboratories and attendance ant field campaigns etc. A statement of AT2 policy if given below. Some other documents are available and can be down loaded:

Claim form for Expenses  (PDF: 387 kB)
Reports and payments for events and travel
              supported by AT2 (PDF:  172 kB)
Travel cost limits (PDF: 141 kB)
Template for a meeting report (PDF: 150 kB)
Template for a proposal for AT2 funding (PDF: 75 kB)

AT2 Policy on Financial Support

The steering committee have agreed the following policy for providing financial support to AT2 principal investigators.

a.       Activities to be supported. The committee agreed that the following types of activities could be supported.

1.       AT2 workshops and expert meetings on timely and important topics. Full support may be offered to participants.

2.       Hosted meetings, supported by AT2. Support would be offered to assist organisation and meeting expenses together with, if necessary, travelling expenses for visiting speakers.

3.       Planning meetings and workshops for field campaigns and intercomparisons, hosted by AT2. Support would be offered to assist organisation and meeting expenses together with, if necessary, travelling expenses for appropriate participants.

4.       Scientific exchanges between laboratories for purposes connected with the aims of AT2. Support may be offered for travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred.

5.       Attendance by principal investigators at other meetings where it is valuable to AT2 that the project should be represented.

AT2 will not generally provide financial support for the attendance of principal investigators and co-workers at scientific conferences; exceptions may be made in cases where the material presented is a direct result of collaborative work within an AT2 task or other group. Applications may be supported for small meetings of AT2 PIs within the framework of a scientific conference for a purpose connected with AT2 activities. Support in this case will be limited to travel and accommodation.

b.       Requirements for consideration for AT2 support. The committee agreed that organisers seeking AT2 support for a meeting or workshop should make a formal application to the Deputy Coordinator, in good time for a decision to be taken, containing the following information.

1.       Scientific Title, place, date, name/s and affiliation/s of the organiser/s

2.       Brief description giving the scientific aims, the contribution to ACCENT-AT2, and the proposed structure of the meeting/workshop, event or exchange.

3.       A statement of the expected scientific outcome and the specific deliverables. A required deliverable for all supported events is a report, suitable for publication within ACCENT, together with a brief financial statement.

4.       A budget, itemising the proposed expenditure and distinguishing clearly between the likely total amount to be spent and amount of support requested from AT2. Also include contributions from any other sources of support.

c.       AT2 Decision. The decision on support will be taken by the Coordinator, on the advice of the steering committee. Applications should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the proposed event and preferably in good time for a committee meeting. The  committee's advice will normally be sought at the scheduled meetings or by email.

d.       Level of Support. Although the committee will endeavour to meet the requirements of the proposal, the final level of support will be determined by the committee. Costs normally supported include meeting cost, special speakers and travel and accommodation for selected participants. The committee will normally only authorise the following costs for travel:

From within the same country

300 €



From European countries

450 €



From outside Europe

750 €



e.       Release of Support. The financial support will normally only be released after the event and when the required report and financial statement has been received by the Coordinator. The support of AT2 and ACCENT must be acknowledged at meetings and in reports and publications.

Claims for funds must be made on the University of Bremen form which should be sent with the supporting receipts to Bremen (see below).

Peter Borrell

July 2005

Appendix: Contribution to the aims of ACCENT and AT2

Any report should include an explicit mention of the current aims of AT2 and ACCENT to which the activity has contributed.

The present objectives of AT2 (2005) are:

        The continuation of the co-ordination and optimisation of the efforts of European scientists in the retrieval of the data products for tropospheric research from the measurements by instrumentation aboard orbiting satellite platforms

        The further exploitation of remote sensing data from space-based instrumentation for tropospheric research within the European Research Area

        Encouragement of validation and intercomparison excercises to verify and improve the quality of satellite data.

        The update and improvement of a web-based database to facilitate access to global tropospheric data products of trace tropospheric constituents (gases, aerosol and clouds) obtained by remote sensing from space

        The development of a pilot curriculum for a high-level web-based training module on the retrieval of tropospheric data from space

        The provision of expertise for further developing European and international environmental policy and the role of remote sensing data from space.

The aims of ACCENT are:

The overall goals of ACCENT are to promote a common European strategy for research on atmospheric composition sustainability, to develop and maintain durable means of communication and collaboration within the European scientific community, to facilitate this research and to optimise the interactions with policy-makers and the general public.


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