AT2 E-Learning Meeting: Report

held in Urbino, Wednesday 15th September 2005; 11.30

1. Attending.. Maria Kanakidou, Annette Lodstätter-Weiβenmayer and Peter Borrell.

2. Present Situation.

·               Maria and Annette had prepared material for a module on the retrieval of NO2 columns from space, in the form of overheads in a powerpoint presentation.

·               Contracts had been given to Richard Law of PerModum to develop the e-learning authoring tool and a pilot module on tropospheric chemistry, which would be delivered within the next month or so.

·               Due to the AT2 financial situation, it is unlikely that funds will be available for any other e-learning activities until September 2006.

3. Material Review. Most of the meeting was devoted to reviewing and improving the teaching material prepared by Maria and Annette.

4. Future Activities.

·               Maria will go through the presentation and make further suggestions. It will be delivered to Annette before the 21st September.

·               Annette will incorporate the new suggestions and improvements into the presentation. She will then show it to Thomas Wagner and Andreas Richter to check for the correctness. It will then be delivered to Peter for comment. Target date: October 15th 2005

·               Peter will try out the test material and the authoring module from Richard Law. Target date: November 2005

·               Peter will explore, with Evi Schuepbach and John Burrows, the possibility of obtaining additional funding for this activity.

·               The group will then review progress with a view to producing the module as soon as feasible. It would be preferable if Richard Law could be directly involved in this part.

The meeting closed at 13.10.


E-learning presentation at the Urbino Symposium

In the afternoon there was a presentation of the various activities of the Training and Education subproject. This included an excellent demonstration of the AT2 pilot module by one of  the presentation team, Asbjorn Arflot of Helsinki University. Peter Borrell gave a brief comment on the progress to date of the AT2 e-learning group, emphasising the need for students to be able to test their comprehension of high-level material by carefully thought out exercises.

Peter Borrell

15th September 2005

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