Tropospheric Sounding from Space

 John Burrows and Peter Borrell

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Using remote sensing instrumentation on-board orbiting satellites it is now possible to obtain global information for the chemical troposphere, thanks principally to recent European efforts. ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 (AT2) is an integration task of ACCENT, the EU network of Excellence. It addresses the need for global information about trace atmospheric constituents, its aim being to facilitate the generation of tropospheric data products, to encourage their use for research and in the medium term, and indicate their potential use in the development of environmental policy.

The scientific work of AT2 is divided into three task groups:

TG1.  The development and improvement of algorithms for the retrieval of tropospheric data. The task group is divided into three groups specialising in aerosols, infra-red measurements and UV/Visible measurements.

TG2.  The synergistic use of models and observations to improve our understanding of tropospheric chemistry and dynamics.

TG3.  The development of validation strategies for tropospheric satellite data products using existing data.

The report presents an overview of their work in the last year. Also included are accounts of the various AT2 activities, the organisation of the project, and also the E-learning group which is seeking to develop a teaching module on retrievals from satellite data of information about the distribution of trace gases and pollutants.

The larger part of the report is devoted to detailed accounts from each of the sixty or so principal investigators involved in the project. The range of scientific activity is enormous. It deals not only with the development of algorithms, methods and models, but also presents fascinating results ranging from the seasonal distributions of common pollutants such as CO, to estimates of the output of NO2 from lightning in the upper troposphere to studies of NO2 from shipping in the Middle East.

Altogether the report presents a picture of the vigorous activity which is required if the goals of AT2 and ACCENT are to be achieved.

     J.P Burrows and P. Borrell (eds.) Tropospheric Sounding from Space; AT2 in 2004-5,  ACCENT Secretariat Urbino, 2005, Report 6.05; pp332

Specific example
    Stefan Noël, Retrieval of Vertical Columns of Water Vapour from SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT Satellite Data in J.P Burrows and P. Borrell (eds.) Tropospheric Sounding from Space; AT2 in 2004-5,  ACCENT Secretariat Urbino, 2005, Report 6.05; p146 to 151.

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