Retrieval of Vertical Columns of Water Vapour from SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT Satellite Data

A contribution to ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2, Task Group 1

Stefan Noël

University of Bremen, FB1, Institute of Environmental Physics / Remote Sensing (iup/ife),
 Otto Hahn Allee 1, D-28334 Bremen, Germany
Tel.:  +49-(0)421-218 9666
Fax:  +49-(0)421-218 4555

Within the framework of the ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 programme it is envisaged to further improve the University of Bremen AMC-DOAS algorithm for the retrieval of total columns of water vapour from SCIAMACHY nadir measurements in the spectral region around 700 nm. The work will include (i) Processing of a large (statistically significant) set of SCIAMACHY spectra, (ii) analysis of the accuracy and precision of this data set using independent measurements and models, and (iii) algorithm improvements. Intermediate (column) data products will be made available for ACCENT and feedbacks will be used to further improve the algorithm.

Time schedule

2004-2005 (first 18 months of project):           

          Further development of the SCIAMACHY AMCDOAS H2O data product

After 18 months (until 2009):

          Processing of larger SCIAMACHY data sets for statistical analysis and validation

Algorithm improvements

          First preparations for a long-term SCIAMACHY H2O data set

Likely funding agencies

German BMBF via DLR-Bonn



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