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ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 (AT2) Task group 2
Satellite NO2 - uses and related modelling

Page prepared originally by Nick Savage (Cambridge)

Aim of this website

The purpose of these pages are to facilitate communication and encourage collaboration of modelling groups using satellite NO2 columns. I cannot spend time chasing information for the pages so it will only be as good as the information people send me. At some point in the future I may turn it into a blog. If you want me to add something to this page email: For more information about AT2 see the AT2 website

Email list

An email list for this subgroup has been set up. If you wish to request subscription to this list send an email to containing in the message body just the line:
subscribe at2_tg2_no2
To unsubscribe replace subscribe with unsubscribe.

Assimilated NO2 data sets

If you have any tropospheric NO2 assimilations which you wish to publicise please contact me.

Past Activities


This is a list of publications which use a combination of models and trospheric NO2 column data. If you know of ones I have missed (probably many!) please tell me.

General comparisons of model and satellite data

Studies using satellite NO2 data and models to address specific scientific issues

Studies to calculate NOx emissions from Tropsopheric Satellite data


General work on Measurements

Ongoing Activities

Appeals for collaboration/help

If you would like to put an appeal for help or collaboration on this website please email Nick.

Possible Future Activities


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