The Use and Usability of Satellite Data for Tropospheric Research

Heidelberg Workshop



Report of the First Workshop in Heidelberg, 3rd and 4th April 2000.

Prepared by Thomas Wagner.

This is a short overview of the activities and agreements at the Heidelberg

EUROTRAC Satellite meeting. The protocol (below) has the following structure:

A) Individual presentations of the participants

B) Structure of the project

C) Planned PI contributions to the different tasks of the project

D) Dates and Action Items


A) Individual presentations of the participants:

J. Burrows (Uni-Bremen)

Tropospheric trace gases, case studies, inverse modelling, synergistic use of different data sources

P. Fabian (TU Munich)

Trajectory model FLEXPART, data assimilation

J. Keller (PSI Villingen, Switzerland)

Aerosols, tropospheric O3, radiative transfer, catalogue of spectra of absorbers, validation

A. Goede (SRON, Utrecht)

New instruments

B. Arlander (NILU)

Long term measurements, radiative transfer, validation, algorithm development

P. Borrell (P&PMB Consultants)

EUROTRAC experience, guidelines for 'understanding'...

B. Galle (Uni Gothenburg)

Validation with ground based FTIR, algorithm development

B. Wickert (Uni Stuttgart)

Emission data, modelling

R. Sussmann (IFU Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

Validation, steps towards integrated global measurement system (IGMS)

W. Juckermann (IFU Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

Validation of aerosols, CH2O, H2O, O3, clouds, from aircraft and Zugspitze, Mount Kenya

T. Trickel (IFU Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

Use of satellite data for TOR, atmospheric models, case studies

H. Eskes (KNMI)

NO2 algorithm development, data assimilation, determination of stratospheric column density

A. Meister (DLR)

Validation with airborne LIDAR data (O3, H2O)

C. Blom (IMK/FZK Karlsruhe)

Validation using Geophysica data, synergistic use of different data sets

M. Dameris (DLR)

Data usage for CTM, comparison of data, O3 profiles, trop. NO2, O3

H. Schlager

Aircraft measurements (Falcon, C130), comparison with GOME (NO2, SO2, O3)

A. Wahner (FZ Jülich)

Synergistic studies, inverse modelling, source strengths, lightning

H. Smit (FZ Jülich)

Synergistic use of MOZAIC data (H2O, O3, NOx), validation, modelling

M. Riese (Uni Wuppertal)

Synergistic use of Crista and satellite data (H2O, HNO3, CFC-11, algorithm development

J. Verdebout (EC-JRC-SAI (ISPRA))

Data assimilation, UV radiation, aerosols, modelling

A. Court (TNO-TPD, Delft)

New instruments

D. Jeker (EMPA Switzerland)

CO-tracing, case studies, use of satellite for global atmospheric watch (GAW) stations

T. Wagner (Uni Heidelberg)

Algorithm development, cloud correction

M. Wenig (Uni Heidelberg)

Algorithm development, image sequence techniques


B) Structure of the project


Co-ordinator: P. Borrell (?)

Steering group: P. Borrell, J.P. Burrows, U. Platt

Main tasks of the project:

1. Development of algorithms for the retrieval of tropospheric species and parameters

(Deputy co-ordinator: A. Richter, T. Wagner, M. v.Roozendael)

2. Use of satellite data for understanding atmospheric processes

(Deputy co-ordinator: M. Dameris, A. Stohl)

3. Synergistic use of different instrumentation and platforms for tropospheric observations

(Deputy co-ordinator: H. Smit, J. Burrows, M. Riese)

4. Validation

(Deputy co-ordinator: H. Kelder, C. Blom)

Underpinning and derived activities:

C) Planned PI contributions to the different tasks of the project:


J. Burrows (Uni-Bremen)

J. Verdebout (EC-JRC-SAI (ISPRA))

T. Wagner (Uni-Heidelberg)

H. Eskes (KNMI)

A. Goede (SRON)

B. Arlander (NILU)

M. Riese (Uni-Wuppertal)

? M. van Roozendael (BIRA/IASB)

? B. Galle (Uni Gothenburg)

? T. van Clarmann (IMK, Karlsruhe)



P. Fabian (Uni-Munich)

H. Eskes (KNMI)

M. Dameris (DLR)

W. Kouker (IMK Karlsruhe)

D. Jeker (ETH, EMPA)

F. Rohrer (FZ Jülich)

Mayer Armeck (Uni-Bremen)

? J. Keller (PSI)

? B. Arlander (NILU)

? B. Wickert (Uni-Stuttgart)



M. Riese (Uni-Wuppertal)

J.P. Burrows (Uni-Bremen)

C. Blom (IMK)

R. Sussmann (IFU)

D. Jeker (ETH, EMPA)

H. Smit (FZ Jülich)

T. Wagner (Uni-Heidelberg)

? P. Monks (Uni-Leicester)

? S. Penkett



R. Sussmann (IFU)

B. Galle (Uni-Gothenburg)

B. Arlander (NILU)

A. Meister (DLR)

H. Smit (FZ Jülich)

C. Blom (IMK)

W. Junckermann (IFU)

? C. Brenninkmeier (MPI Mainz)

? I. Aben (SRON)

? T. Blumenstock (IMK)

? A. Piters (KNMI)

? R. Timmermanns (KNMI)


D) Dates and Action Items

07.04.2000: Send PI contributions to steering group:

P. Borrell

J.P. Burrows

U. Platt

The contributions should be also sent to the respective deputy co-ordinators (see above)

10.04.2000: Deputy co-ordinators will write about two pages for individual tasks

14.04. 2000: Submisssion of proposal of the complete sub project

16. - 20.10. 2000: meeting at the esa conference: Looking down to Earth in the New Millennium GOTHENBURG


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