The Use and Usability of Satellite Data for Tropospheric Research

EUROTRAC-2 Symposium 2002

TROPOSAT Workshop: Wednesday Morning, 13th March 2002

TROPOSAT poster session: Wednesday Afternoon, 13th March 2002



NO2-Production by Lightning estimated with GOME

S. Beirle, M. Grzegorski, J. Hollwedel, S. Kühl, U. Platt, T. Wagner, M. Wenig, W. Wilms-Grabe


Remote Sensing of Aerosols over Land using VEGETATION and SeaWiFS

R. Borde and J. Verdebout


Sounding the Troposphere from Space: a New Era for Atmospheric Chemistry?

P. Borrell, J.P. Burrows and U. Platt


Studies of NO2 from Lightning and Convective Uplifting using GOME Data

J.P. Burrows, A. Richter, L. Hild


The Development of Multi-platform Methods for Derivation of Tropospheric Composition from Space

G.K. Corlett, R.J. Leigh and P.S. Monks


Retrieval of Tropospheric Information from Ground-Based FTIR Observations, supported by Synergistic Exploitation of Various Ground-Based and Space-borne Measurement Techniques and Data

M. De Mazière, B. Barret


Emission Rate Estimates by Variational Assimilation of Surface and Satellite Data

H. Elbern


Multi-Axis DOAS Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gases in the Atlantic and Antarctica

A. Heck, J. Boßmeyer, U. Frieß, T. Wagner, F. v.Friedeburg, H. Heumann, M.A. Halasia, U. Platt


Comparison of Tropospheric NO2 Column Densities Inferred from GOME Satellite and in situ Aircraft Measurements

J. Heland, H. Schlager, A. Richter, J. Burrows


Case Studies on BrO detected by GOME at Bays and Salt Lakes

J. Hollwedel, M. Wenig, S. Beirle, G. Hönninger, T. Wagner and U. Platt


Airborne Experiments on the Three Dimensional Distribution of UV-Radiation, Ozone and Aerosols during the ESCOMPTE Campaign 2001

W. Junkermann


Neural Networks Ozone Profile Retrieval System for GOME Spectra (NNORSY-GOME)

A.K. Kaifel, M.D. Müller, M. Weber, S. Tellmann


Co-ordination of the Validation Activities for Sciamachy

H. Kelder, U. Platt, P. Simon, A. Piters, R. Timmermans, I. Aben, K. Bramstedt, J. Burrows, C. Camy-Peyret, E. Hilsenrath, B. Kerridge, K. Künzi, J.-C. Lambert, D. Perner, C. Schiller, H. Smit, J. Staehelin, T. Wagner


Aerosols over Western Switzerland: A Preliminary Case Study using the MISR Operational Aerosol Product and MODTRAN 4 Simulations

J. Keller, C. Borel


Studies of Asian NOx Column using MATCH-MPIC and GOME data

T. Kunhikrishnan, M.G. Lawrence, R. von Kuhlmann, A. Richter, A. Ladstätter-Weißenmeyer and J.P. Burrows


Tropospheric NO2 Columns: A Comparison between Model and retrieved Data from GOME Measurements

A. Lauer, M. Dameris, A. Richter and J.P. Burrows


Aerosol Optical Properties derived from in situ and Passive Remote Sensing Measurements

M. Mallet, J.C Roger, S. Despiau, R. Van Dingenen, J.P. Putaud, P. Dubuisson


Control Mechanisms of Water Vapour in the Upper Troposphere: Large Scale Subsidence in Regions of Tropical Cb-Convection

S. Nawrath , H.G.J. Smit, D. Kley and M. Helten


Retrieval of CO Column and Profile Data from the MOPITT Instrument on EOS-TERRA

J.J. Remedios and N.A.D. Richards


Determining Tropospheric Constituent Columns from UV/visible Nadir Satellite Measurements

A. Richter, H. Nüß, B.-M. Sinnhuber, T. Wagner and J.P. Burrows


Retrieval of Upper Tropospheric H2O from CRISTA-2 Observations

B. Schaeler, M. Riese and D. Offermann


Determination of NOx Sources by Combination of Satellite Images with Transport Modelling

N. Spichtinger, M. Wenig, U. Platt, A. Stohl


Retrievability of Upper Tropospheric Species and Parameters from MIPAS/ENVISAT Data

G.P. Stiller, M. Höpfner, S. Kellmann, M. Milz, T. Steck and H. Fischer


Validation of CH4 and CO Measurements from SCIAMACHY for studying Air Pollution in the Troposphere

A.G. Straume, I. Aben, H. Eskes, J. Gille, M. Krol, A.N. Maurellis, J.F. Meirink, H. Schrijver, and M. van Weele


Establishing an AIRS/IASI Validation Site at Zugspitze/Garmisch: Ground-based Sounding of Water Vapour by FTIR Spectrometry, GPS and Radio Sondes

R. Sussmann and C. Camy-Peyret


Impact of Satellite-derived Effective Cloud Fraction on calculated OH Production

O.N.E. Tuinder and R. de Winter-Sorkina


Retrieval and Data Assimilation Algorithm Development for Tropospheric Ozone and NO2 from GOME and SCIAMACHY

R. van der A, H. Eskes, J. Van Gent, H. Kelder, R. van Oss and P. Valks


Data Assimilation of Tropospheric Aerosols

M. van Loon and P. Builtjes


Retrieval of Tropospheric BrO and NO2 from UV-visible Observations

M. Van Roozendael, C. Fayt, C. Hermans and J.C. Lambert


An Advanced Cloud Product for the Interpretation of Tropospheric Data from GOME and SCIAMACHY

T. Wagner, A. Richter, C. von Friedeburg and U. Platt


The Use of Space-borne Measurements and the Ground-based Swiss Monitoring System for Tracing Atmospheric Pollution

A. Weiss, D. Schaub, P. Hofer


Intercontinental Transport of Tropospheric NO2 measured with GOME

M. Wenig, N. Spichtinger, A. Stohl, G. Held, S. Beirle, T. Wagner and U. Platt



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