The Use and Usability of Satellite Data for Tropospheric Research


Principal Investigators and Project Titles

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Task group 1: Development of algorithms
Albert P.H. Goede Retrieval of greenhouse and related gas parameters from SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT
Rodolfo Guzzi Retrieval of Aerosol Load and Profile from Space
Anton Kaifel Neural Networks Ozone Retrieval System for GOME Spectra
Hennie Kelder Retrieval and Data Assimilation Algorithm Development for Tropospheric Ozone and NO2 from GOME and SCIAMACHY home page
Johannes Keller Retrieval of Tropospheric Aerosol Properties from Space
Jochen Landgraf The use of GOME and SCIAMACHY Data to obtain Ozone Profiles and Carbon Monoxide and Methane Columns
Gerrit de Leeuw Retrieval of Aerosol Properties over Europe
John J. Remedios Retrieval of CO Column and Profile Data from the MOPITT Instrument on EOS-TERRA
Andreas Richter Quantification of Tropospheric Measurements from Nadir Viewing UV/vis Instruments home page
Martin Riese Retrieval of Upper Tropospheric H2O, HNO3, and CFC-11 Distributions from Infrared Limb Observations and Synergetic Use of the Results home page
M. van Roozendael Retrieval of Tropospheric BrO and NO2 from UV-visible Observations home page
Gabriele P. Stiller Study of the Retrievability of Upper Tropospheric Species and Parameters from MIPAS/ENVISAT Data home page
Olaf Tuinder Assessment of the Global Distribution of Tropospheric OH Radicals from GOME and SCIAMACHY Observations
Arnolds Ubelis Ground Validation Station for Satellite-based Atmospheric Sensor Instruments GOME and SCIMACHY
Jean Verdebout Development of Satellite-derived Information on Tropospheric Actinic Flux and Aerosol Particulate Matter
Thomas Wagner Case Studies for the Investigation of Cloud Sensitive Parameters as Measured by GOME home page
Mark Weber Ozone Profile Retrieval from Broadband Nadir UV/VIS Satellite Spectra: How accurate is the Tropospheric Profile?


Task group 2: Use of satellite data to understand atmospheric processes
Peter Builtjes Data Assimilation of Aerosol Satellite Observations
Martin Dameris Validation of a Fully Coupled Chemistry-Climate Model
Claire Granier Quantification of Surface Emissions of Ozone Precursors
Garry Hayman Feasibility of Using ENVISAT Earth Observation Data as a Component of Air Quality Management (ENVIAQM)
Mark G. Lawrence Global Photochemical Model Evaluation using GOME Tropospheric Column Data home page
Ulrich Platt Construction and Analysis of Image Sequences of Atmospheric Trace Gases home page
Franz Rohrer Use of ENVISAT Measurements for the Examination of the Nitrogen Oxide Budget in the Upper Troposphere
Hans Schlager Export of Pollutants over Europe
Andreas Stohl Determination of Sources of Tropospheric Trace Gases by combining Satellite Measurements with Inverse Transport Modelling home page
Andrea K. Weiss Tracing Atmospheric Pollution with Satellite Measurements


Task group 3: Synergistic use of different instrumentation
C.A.M. Brenninkmeijer Comparing CARIBIC and Satellite Data (COCASAT)
John P. Burrows Synergistic Use of Ground-based, GOME and SCIAMACHY Tropospheric Retrievals home page
A. R. MacKenzie Scientific Applications of ENVISAT Atmospheric Data within the APE Research Community
Martine De Mazière Retrieval of Tropospheric Information from Ground-based FTIR Observations, supported by Synergistic Exploitation of Various Ground-based and Space-borne Measurement Techniques and Data
Paul S. Monks The Development of Multi-platform Methods for Derivation of Tropospheric Composition from Space
Herman G.J. Smit Control Mechanisms of Water Vapour in the UT
Nicholas Savage Use of Satellite Data to Constrain Ozone Budgets in Global Tropospheric Chemistry Models
Ralf Sussmann Satellite plus Ground-Based FTIR Measurements for Tropospheric Studies: Towards an Integrated Global Measurement System (IGMS) and an Improved Validation Strategy
Valérie Thouret Comparison between Various Satellite Sensors and MOZAIC Data home page


Task Group 4: Validation of tropospheric satellite data
Ilse Aben Validation of Methane and Carbon Monoxide Data from SCIAMACHY home page
D.W. Arlander Validation from Long Term Tropospheric Measurements for Use and Usability of Satellite Data
Cornelis Blom Validation of Tropospheric Satellite Data Products using in-situ and Remote-sensing Observations from the High-altitude Platform Geophysica
Hendrik Elbern Validation of Variational Satellite Data Assimilation Analyses by in-situ Observations
Bo Galle Satellite Validation using Ground-based Spectroscopic Techniques
Wolfgang Junkermann Radiation Budgets and Trace Gas Distributions in Planetary Boundary Layer and Free Troposphere from Airborne in-situ Measurements
Hennie Kelder Co-ordination of the Validation Activities for SCIAMACHY home page
Alexander Meister         Validation of a Space-borne Sensor for the Investigation of Dust Storms over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean using an Airborne LIDAR System
R. Zander Monitoring of the Variability and Long-term Evolution of Tropospheric Constituents by Infrared Solar Absorption Spectrometry at the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

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