The Use and Usability of Satellite Data for Tropospheric Research

Project Description

Table of Contents

               1. The aims of TROPOSAT

               2. Executive Summary

               3. Project Description

               3.1. Background

               3.2. The Scientific Objectives of TROPOSAT

               Task Group 1

               Task Group 2

               Task Group 3

               Task Group 4

               Underpinning and Derived Activities

               A Forum for Exchange of Expertise

               3.3. Potential Applications to Environmental Policy Development

               3.4. Quality Assurance Plan

               3.5. Data Bases

               3.6. Operational Plan and Time Schedule

               3.7. Collaboration foreseen with other subprojects

               3.8. Assessment and Integration of the Results

               3.9. Literature

               4. TROPOSAT organisation
               a. Subproject coordinator

               b. Deputy Coordinators

               c. Steering Group

               d. Affiliated Researchers

               e. Time Schedule

               f. Personnel Requirements

               g. Principal Investigators               

               5. Contributions from principal investigators


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